sábado, janeiro 19, 2008

Plan B - Lester Brown

«Keeping the [global economic] bubble from bursting will require an unprecedented degree of international cooperation to stabilize population, climate, water tables, and soils - and at wartime speed. Indeed, in both scale and urgency the effort required is comparable to the US mobilization during World War II.»

Lester R. Brown, Plan B (2003)

Lester R. Brown publicou recentemente Plan B 3.0 - Mobilizing to Save Civilization, o livro está disponível online, por capítulos. Destaque para "The Great Mobilization":

«There are many things we do not know about the future. But one thing we do know is that business as usual will not continue for much longer. Massive change is inevitable. Will the change come because we move quickly to restructure the economy or because we fail to act and civilization begins to unravel?»

«Shifting Taxes and Subsidies

The need for tax shifting—lowering income taxes while raising levies on environmentally destructive activities—has been widely endorsed by economists. For example, a tax on coal that incorporated the increased health care costs associated with mining it and breathing polluted air, the costs of damage from acid rain, and the costs of climate disruption would encourage investment in clean renewable sources of energy such as wind or solar.»

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